Song of the Day: RABBII – Majestic


RABBII drops uplifting new single ‘Majestic’
A Bit of Pop Music has been following Swedish duo RABBII closely ever since the release of their stunning single ‘New Friends’ last year. That track ended up in our 50 best singles of the year, while the band made it on the list of most promising artists of 2017. They now show that place was completely deserved as they continue their line of flawless singles. After ‘New Friends’ and ‘Sadness’ we now have ‘Majestic’, the most uplifting track out of the three.

RABBII, Revolutions Are Best Before Initial Inception, consisting of Johanna Berglund and Felix Persson, created a unique style within electronic pop music with dominant synths and high pitched vocals. The production of the chorus on ‘Majestic’ is unconventional and irresistibly catchy at the same time, backing up the soaring vocal melody that Johanna delivers, perfectly. The build up is quite eerrm, ‘majestic’, to be fair and it is probably their most radiofriendly release to date. Keep up the good work guys!



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