Single Review: Astrid S – Breathe

astrid s breathe

Astrid S back with brand new single ‘Breathe’
2016 sure was a big year for upcoming pop star Astrid S. The young singer and songwriter from Norway dropped her first EP and the single ‘Hurts So Good’ became a big hit in her home country. It even charted on the other side of the world in New Zealand too! She did a little headlining tour in Europe and supported Troye Sivan for a bit of his international tour as well. Now she is back with a brand new single, ‘Breathe’.

In comparison to the hit ‘Hurts So Good’, the rest of Astrid’s EP was quite a bit more electronic and less based on big pop choruses. ‘Breathe’ is the cross over track that stays true to her passion for electropop, but also has enough hit potential for the mainstream radio. The production is ear catching and the repetition of the title in the chorus works. Lyrically, ‘Breathe’ deals with the moment that your crush takes your breath away. “If I could just inhale some chill, it’s like Im living out in space…Got me lifted like an astronaut, no helmet on and my lungs just stop”, she sings. ‘Breathe’ is lyrically clever, quirky enough to give her some personality as an artist and catchy enough to gain some new fans. Now that’s a winner!

Update: Astrid just launched the visuals for ‘Breathe’ and it is her first big pop video! In a vintage looking video she goes out robbing some rich people together with her boyfriend. One of the most entertaining music videos of the year so far!

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