Single Review: Louisa Johnson – Best Behaviour

louisa johnson best behaviour

Louisa Johnson launches second solo single ‘Best Behaviour’
These days, winning the UK X Factor is not a guarantee to become an international hit sensation anymore. The show’s popularity has declined a bit over the past few years, but 2015’s winner Louisa Johnson, has been doing pretty good for herself. She started her career as a pop star with the fabulously disco-tastic Clean Bandit collaboration ‘Tears’, which reached the top 5 in her home country. Her first proper solo single ‘So Good’ was slightly underwhelming, but still managed to become a decent sized hit. Now she is back for more with the follow up ‘Best Behaviour’.

I’m glad to report that there is nothing underwhelming about ‘Best Behaviour’ at all. It is a bop and a half! People who struggled with Louisa Johnson’s full on power vocal style before, might enjoy the more laidback and sensual tone of her voice on this one. The production that is build around an infectious bass loop flows perfectly and the beat drop in the chorus is subtle and supports the vocal melody, instead of replacing it. The main vocal hook ‘I’m on my best behaviour, I know that you’re good for me, I wanna be good to you’ is a proper earworm and it turns out it is almost impossible to not move your hips to the vibe of ‘Best Behaviour’. This might well be her ticket to international success!


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