Single Review: Clean Bandit – Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson)

clean bandit zara larsson symphony

Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson aiming at next big hit
When Clean Bandit first emerged with their big international hit ‘Rather Be’, quite a few people might have expected them to be one hit wonders. The eclectic music group waited a few years to start the second era of their career, had to say goodbye to member Neil in the process, but they came back absolutely swinging in all the right ways with ‘Rockabye’ featuring Sean Paul and Anne-Marie. The insanely catchy song became a huge number 1 hit in the UK and conquered Europe soon after. A tough act to follow you’d say, but with Swedish hit senstaion Zara Larsson by their side, Clean Bandit is ready to continue their domination of the charts.

Larsson is on a crucial moment in her career where she is releasing her international debut album So Good after her most recent singles weren’t as successful as ‘Lush Life’ and ‘Never Forget You’. She could definitely use a hit to launch the album and that is what ‘Symphony’ is expected to do.

The track carries out the typical Clean Bandit sound which mixes classical and orchestral elements with upbeat contemporary electronic pop music. They have established themselves as more than excellent chorus writers (see ‘Rockabye’, ‘Tears‘, ‘Rather Be’ and so on) and they sure do not disappoint on ‘Symphony’. The chorus is pure euphoria with a beautiful vocal melody and a stylish explosion in the production. Zara Larsson uses the higher register of her vocals and she sounds more heavenly than ever before. Who could ever say no to her angelic ‘Will you hold me tight and not let go?’ It might be almost impossible to top the success of ‘Rockabye’, but ‘Symphony’ could at least come close!

Update: Clean Bandit just premiered the video for ‘Symphony’ and it is a lot darker than I expected. It is a story about loss, mourning and moving on representing the black gay community. Beautiful!

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