Single Review: Kyla La Grange – Love Harder

Kyla La Grange drops swinging new single ‘Love Harder’
Kyla La Grange is one of those artists who changed her release strategy in the era of streaming and downloads. The pop star did not release a new album since 2014’s stunning Cut Your Teeth, but consistently keeps providing us with single releases ever since. After her the pure pop moments ‘So Sweet’ and ‘Hummingbird’ she explained to her fans she started to become more inspired by dance on her most recent recordings. The synth pop number ‘Justify’ was the first result of this and she turns up the danceable and electronic elements of her music up a notch on the latest single, ‘Love Harder’.

‘Love Harder’ is a fast paced synth pop track that is clearly influenced by dance and even some house with prominent beats leading the way to a swinging chorus. La Grange’s vocals are as heavenly as always when she repeats: “you better love harder, cause if you wanna feel good with someone, you gotta feel good without.” The chorus is definitely hit worthy and all in all this might be her best release since the almighty pop force that was ‘So Sweet’. The production on ‘Love Harder’ is beautifully layered and easily helps the already pretty solid composition to a higher plan. It is the type of track that could turn into a massive club hit with the right remix, although I would not mind hearing this track on a night out in its original version either!

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