Single Review: Loïc Nottet – Mud Blood

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Loïc Nottet launches ‘Mud Blood’ in anticipation of debut album
Only a week from now Loïc Nottet will drop his long awaited debut album. The Belgian Eurovision star who brought his country to a fourth place with the track ‘Rhythm Inside’ in 2015 took his sweet time. He participated in a Dancing With The Stars type of show in France which he won, while working on new music outside of the public eye. In the fall of 2016 we got to hear the first taste; the powerful and emotional single ‘Million Eyes’. Now Loïc launches ‘Mud Blood’ as another taste from the record Selfocracy, out on the 31st of March.

After ‘Rhythm Inside’ and ‘Million Eyes’ Loïc Nottet speeds up the pace on the quirky track ‘Mud Blood’. The song starts out on full force with a chanting hook, that builds into a heavily electronic verse. Nottet’s vocals are powerful and intense as always. The chorus however, is a lot smoother with an outstanding melody, supported by swinging beats, soaring synths and smart use of vocal samples in the background. “We take all kinds of drugs, it’s our way to pretend, That we enjoy the life we’ve got”, Loïc belts out, while concluding the ‘mud blood’ runs through his veins. Some Harry Potter references right there! ‘Mud Blood’ basically showcases everything that is exciting about Loïc Nottet as a pop star: dramatic vocals, daring
electronic productions, in your face hooks and some quirky lyrics!

Check A Bit of Pop Music next week for a review on Selfocracy.

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