Single Review: Amanda Fondell – Naked

amanda fondell naked

Amanda Fondell ready for comeback with new single ‘Naked’
Things have been rather quiet for a long time around Amanda Fondell. The Swedish pop star who had her breakthrough after winning the Swedish version of Pop Idol back in 2011 had a short successful period in her home country, but slowly started disappearing from the radar. After an un successful participation in the country’s Melodifestivalen she manages to have a few moderately successful singles, but the most recent one was released back in 2014. Fondell took a step back to find her own sound again and had a lot of time to work on new music and the single ‘Naked’ is the first result.

The track, written by Fondell, Andreas Roos and Linnea Södahl, while produced by Robin Grubert, sees the singer-songwriter going down a more electronic route with a contemporary production and a beats and synth based chorus. Fondell’s vocals seem to have matured a bit, sounding more balanced and powerful than before. Lyrically, Amanda is pretty damn straightforward on this one. “Why are you dressing up? Just show me what you got! I promise everything’s better when you just let it out. I just wanna see you naked!”, she states with quite some attitude. For everyone thinking this is Fondell commanding her love interest to take it all off, you are wrong. “‘Naked’ is about a friend who has built up their persona on a world of lies, and reminds me of a person I don’t want to be,” Amanda explained to Pop Crush. “It’s a message saying, ‘I just want to see your truth and your naked soul, the way you were created.'” Either way, you can’t go wrong with a well produced, quirky electro pop song with the sentence ‘I just wanna see you naked’ as the main hook, right? Right!

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