Eurovision 2017 Review: Greece – Demy – This Is Love

demy this is lvoe

Demy chosen one to sing Greece back into the final
Greece is by far one of the most successful countries in the recent history of the Eurovision Song Contest, but last year it showed even they are not untouchable when it comes to the result show. From 2004 until 2011 they managed to reach the top 10 in the final every single year, but after that, they seemed to have lost the plot a bit. They had more finishes around the 20th position and last year they missed out on a spot in the final for the first time. This year it is Demy’s task to get her country back on the right track again.

The Greek pop star was internally selected to fly the flag for Greece and during a national final her song ‘This Is Love’ was selected. Although 2017’s entry is a step into the right direction after the tuneless mess that was last year’s ‘Utopian Land’, I would be surprised if this slightly cheap dance tune would be enough to get Greece back into the higher regions of the scoreboard. ‘This Is Love’ opens with a piano rhythm and carefully builds up to an explosion that never really follows. The beat of the chorus falls flat, the melody isn’t all that engaging and lyrically it is painfully cliche. “This is love, reaching out for the stars, you and me as one, everywhere this is love” sounds like it was written in two minutes and then to think they actually revisited these lyrics for the final version. If the production was more contemporary it would have been a bit easier to forgive, but this definitely sounds more 2010 than 2017.

Having said that, Demy seems a more than decent pop star with quite some stage presence. She sure has to give it her absolute best to sell this song well enough for a place in the final.

UPDATE – Review on semi final performance:
The staging was quite alright and fits the vibe of the song and Demy looked like a stunning Greek goddess, although she certainly did not sound like one at all times. I did hope Greece would not qualify as a sign that this type of easy, soulless composition would not make it anymore, but oh well. I hope we wont see this on the left side of the scoreboard on Saturday.

UPDATE – Review on final performance and results (19th):
Both lyrically and in terms of the production, ‘This Is Love’ is one of my least favourite songs of the whole competition. It is cliche, it sounds dated and the performance isn’t all that either. Sure, Demy has got some star quality, but her vocals aren’t strong enough to impress with the big notes. She seemed to be more out of tune on Saturday night than during her semi final. Visually it was on point, but a place higher than 19 would not have been deserved. Oh, and can Cyprus and Greece please for once stop handing each other the 12, no matter what song they send? Thanks!

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