Single Review: Marlene – Next To Me

marlene next to me

Marlene drops seductive new synth pop love song
We can always count on Marlene to serve us some excellent, breezy synth pop. The Swedish artist has been proving herself with some excellent tracks in the past few months and she is not planning to stop anytime soon. Marlene first made an impression in the blogosphere with her debut EP Indian Summer back in 2014 and a follow up is on the way. Last year she delivered incredibly catchy 90s inspired ‘All I Want‘ and the uplifting ‘Sweet‘ that took her productions to a higher level with a addictively deep beat. Now she is back with ‘Next To Me’, which might be her most fresh sounding single so far.

‘Next To Me’ is co-written by Marlene together with Jerker Olov Hansson and the production is done by Blisse with some help from Nisj. Quite the dream team I would say because the beat is lush and the composition serves hook after hook with a swinging chorus. Marlene shows off the higher register of her vocals while sounding both seductive and angelic. Lyrically the song is about getting to know a person you fall in love with and while you know it might be better to take things slow, you just can’t stop yourself from wanting to be around that person 24/7. We have all been there, aye? Spring officially started with Marlene blasting out of your speakers.

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