Eurovision 2017 Review: Moldova – Sunstroke Project – Hey Mamma

moldova 2017

Epic Sax Guy chosen one to get Moldova back in Eurovision final
What do you do when your country fails to make it to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest for three years in a row? Exactly, you bring Epic Sax Guy back! In 2010, Moldova was represented by Sunstroke Project with the song ‘Run Away’. They just made it into the final where they finished in 22nd position, but after the content, the sax player of the formation became a huge internet hit. He turned into a meme known as Epic Sax Guy. This year, Epic Sax Guy and the rest of Sunstroke Project are back to give it another try with their song ‘Hey Mamma’.

In comparison, ‘Hey Mamma’ does sound a lot more hit worthy than its predecessor. It has a contemporary vibe and would fit in well with what is popular on the European radio these days with the tropical house trend. This time around, Epic Sax Guy produces the post-chorus which is naturally the most catchy part of the tune. The violin guy also gives it his best to become the next meme. The lyrics of ‘Hey Mamma’ are about trying to get on the good side of the mother of your crush so she approves of you hanging out with her daughter. It is cheeky, fun and upbeat, but it also seems like the type of track that will do a lot better with televoters back home than the professional juries. Sunstroke Project would have to get both on their side to do better than during their last participation.

According to the bookmakers at this stage, Moldova is not going to make much of an impression during the contest, but I don’t want to dismiss the power of a simple, catchy and entertaining dance pop track just yet. And never understimate the choreo by the one and only Epic Sax Guy! Although there are a lot of better tracks out there this year, lighthearted bops like this are very much welcome on the Eurovision stage.

UPDATE – Review on semi final performance:
Sunstroke Project turns the Eurovision stage into a party with silly dance moves and backing vocalists dressed up as brides. The fun they are having is contagious and will probably gain them a reasonable amount of votes on Saturday as well. ‘Hey Mamma’ could even become a bit of a summer hit around certain parts of Europe.

UPDATE – Review on final performance and results (3rd):
I think it is safe to say that Moldova was the biggest surprise of the results of the final. Sunstroke Project delivered another faultless performance of their potential summer hit ‘Hey Mamma’ and the fun they have on stage is simply contagious to watch. The juries did appreciate them enough for their 3rd spot with the televoters to give them the 3rd place overall as well. This is Moldova’s best result in the Eurovision Song Contest to date and although I would not have placed them this high, I think ‘Hey Mamma’ has a real shot at becoming a summer hit around Europe.

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