Single Review: Lea Michele – Run To You

Lea Michele Run To You

Lea Michele continues promotion for sophomore record
Lea Michele is getting very close to that all defining step in her pop career. She will launch her sophomore album at the end of this month. On the 28th of April to be exact. Now Lea already announced that things will sound quite different from her poppy debut and first single ‘Love Is Alive‘ already perfectly made that clear. Michele took more inspiration from her career as a musical actress this time and that results in dramatic and vocally challenging ballads. Well not so very challenging for miss Michele anyway, because her vocals soar on new track ‘Run To You’.

‘Run To You’ is the third track we get to hear from the upcoming record Places and it serves as another promo single. In comparison to lead single ‘Love Is Alive’, this one is slightly more pop. Only slightly though. The very base of this record is that it is a vocal album, inspired by the biggest female voices in history of which Michele naturally is a big fan. ‘Run To You’ has a beautiful melody in the chorus and vocally Michele sounds powerful and in control, without overdoing it on the belting side. The lyrics are heartwarming and full of love. If you listen closely and for a second imagine a beat kicks in over the chorus, it even sounds like a potential dance hit. The chorus has a strong enough hook to pull this off. Yeah, I know that is not the purpose of the record, but it would probably work quite well. Somebody try it please. In the meantime, the drums in the last chorus will do. Only a few more weeks until we can fully submerge ourselves in Michele’s heavenly vocals with a full album.

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