Single Review: Wouter Hamel – Hey Now

wouter hamel hey now1

Wouter Hamel delivers powerful pop anthem ‘Hey Now’ as new single
It has taken about three years for Wouter Hamel to came back into our lives with some brand new music. The Dutch singer-songwriter who started as a jazz artist back in 2005, has slowly but steadily been moving in a more poppy direction throughout the years and his 2014 record Pompadour saw him flirting with synth pop on the addictive single ‘The Lights’. Hamel will release his upcoming record Amaury soon and the pop anthem ‘Hey Now’ is the first single!

Amaury will see the light of day first in Japan and Korea, as Hamel is quite the pop star in that territory and a release in the Netherlands will follow in August. In the meantime we get to enjoy his new direction on the single ‘Hey Now’, a piano and synths infused full force pop song with an incredibly catchy chorus and an irrestibly uplifting vibe. “We’re not afraid to shout it out. This love don’t come easy, but were gonna try”, Hamel sings on top of his lungs hitting all the high notes during the chorus to conclude in the outro: “Don’t it feel good to let your colours show? It is about time you let the world know.” This is an honest and swinging ode to anyone out there coming to terms with their true self and could use a little push of confidence. The video beautifully protrays this message with a wide variety of beautiful people, bursting out in laughter and smiles in the climax of the song where Hamel tells them once more: “Ain’t nobody gonna hold us down!” The artist himself dances around with his hands in the air surrounded by glitter confetti. I literally could not think of a better visual to portray the vibe of this track! What heart warming feel good anthem!

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