Video Review: Halsey – Now Or Never

halsey now or never

Halsey introduces new single and visual project
Halsey is one of the fastest rising stars in the music industry at the moment. She launched her debut album Badlands back in 2015 when she already created a loyal online following. The record reached the 2nd spot in the Billboard chart and thanks to the Chainsmokers collaboration ‘Closer’, she became a force to reckon with over the summer of 2016. At the beginning of the year she dropped the new track ‘Not Afraid Anymore‘ for the soundtrack of Fifty Shades Darker and now it is time for ‘Now Or Never’, the first official single taken from her upcoming sophomore album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

‘Now Or Never’ starts of beautifully with an atmospheric intro that sets the mood, but at the same time sounds very familiar. It turns out it sounds similar to Shura’s ‘White Light’. The verse takes us to a rather uneventful and flat chorus, that follows the same melody line as Rihanna’s recent hit single ‘Needed Me’. I am not blaming Halsey for being inspired by other artists and it is hard to create something that sounds like nothing else that has been done before, but these similarities, especially in the chorus, are a bit too hard to look past, especially as the song that it sounds like is a recent hit. ‘Now Or Never’ is not a bad song, but other than sounding too familiar, also lacks an exciting build up or ear catching production. It is not bad, but it is just… there.

Seems like Halsey put a lot more hard work in the video, the first one that she directed herself. The over six minutes long story follows Halsey and her lover who are due to circumstances not able to be together. Halfway through the video she visits a psychic who reads cards for her and then shit hits the van in a shoot out in cars. Halsey escapes on a motor bike leaving her lover behind and cutting her blue hair. To be continued, right? At least the visuals are a lot more interesting than the song. It is beautifully shot in a Romeo + Juliet type of way. And although the acting is a bit cringy at times, it will be interesting how this visual project will develop during the area. It is a shame Halsey steps up her visual game while promoting one of her weaker singles so far.

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