Single Review: Astrid S – Bloodstream

astrid s bloodstream

Astrid S drops ‘Bloodstream’ taken from upcoming EP
Astrid S is in full promotion mode for the release of her second EP Party’s Over which is expected to drop in May. Last month, the up and coming Norwegian pop star dropped the brand new track and highly entertaining video ‘Breathe’. The track showed off a more electronic and synth based sound, compared to her poppy hit ‘Hurts So Good’ from last year. ‘Bloodstream’ is another well produced piece of electro pop!

Compared to ‘Breathe’, ‘Bloodstream’ is probably even more unconventional as a pop track. The chorus consists of the catchy repetition of the sentence ‘wherever I go he’s been’. Quite hypnotic, isn’t it? The beat in the verse seems inspired by hiphop, but past the first chorus (if you can even call it that with the unusual build up in this song)  things get more mysterious with some mystical sounding vocals, while experimenting with some autotune. It is quirky, catchy and unexpected, but I can’t help hitting the repeat button for this one. Can we also take a moment to appreciate how on point Astrid’s visuals are for this era? After the thrilling video for ‘Breathe’, ‘Bloodstream’ is supported by some gorgeous cover art! Astrid S is one exciting new pop star!

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