Single Review: BANKS – Crowded Places

banks crowded places

BANKS surprises with release new single ‘Crowded Places’
BANKS is the gift that keeps on giving isn’t she? It is hardly half a year ago that she released her sophomore record The Altar, which was one of the absolute best albums of 2016, and she is already on to the next project. Without prior announcements she dropped a new track titled ‘Crowded Places’. And this does not sound like some left-over she dropped online to please the fans. This is stunning!

BANKS always delivers an interesting mix of electronic and acoustic music on her records. Emotionally she swings from sassy and confident to fragile and insecure and new track ‘Crowded Places’ is definitely one in the second category, but with a hopeful sparkle. The song starts out quietly with BANKS’ emotive vocals and it builds up slowly with a subtle beat and softly humming synths: “Cause I’ve been scared of crowded places, come with me. I’ll take you home”, she whisper-sings through the speakers. This is one of those tracks that just sucks you in from first listen because of the message and the emotion in a voice. BANKS has an exceptional talent and ‘Crowded Places’ shows her at her finest. Fragility has never sounded so beautiful before.

Update: Turns out the track was used by Lena Dunham for the season finale for the series Girls.

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