Eurovision 2017 Review: Malta – Claudia Faniello – Breathlessly

claudia faniello malta

Claudia Faniello will finally represent Malta in Eurovision
2017 is a big year for Claudia Faniello. It took her nine attempts, but she finally won the Maltese national final for the Eurovision Song Contest and will represent her country at Europe’s biggest televised music competition. Claudia, who is the younger sister of Fabrizio Faniello, who already represented Malta twice, was chosen to fly the flag for Malta with the traditional ballad ‘Breathlessly’. Will she be able to bring a good result home for Malta after trying so many times?

According to the Bookmakers, she will have a hard time to qualify for the final and I’m afraid I will have to agree with that. Yes, Claudia Faniello has a powerful voice and she definitely owns the song when performing live, but ‘Breathlessly’ just sounds a little bit too out of date to connect with audiences these days. It takes too long to properly get going and is just not catchy enough on first listen. Malta chose their entry as one of the first this year and they are quite unlucky that a whole lot of other countries opted to be repesented by female singers with dramatic ballads as well. Within the category, ‘Breathlessly’ is definitely not one of the strongest, although she might still gather some points from the juries when she pulls of a earth-shattering vocal performance. At this stage, it seems highly unlikely to me they will be able to top last year’s 12th position with Ira Losco’s ‘Walk On Water’.

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