Single Review: Lady Gaga – The Cure

Lady Gaga The cure

Lady Gaga surprise releases new single for Coachella set
Lady Gaga made a grand comeback last year with her fifth studio album Joanne. Although her more toned down image and country and rock inspired new music received mixed reviews, she was literally everywhere! She had the whole world talking about her Super Bowl halftime show, performed in all the big television shows and award shows and just finished her headlining set at Coachella! During the show that was broadcasted live online, Gaga surprisingly released a brand new single titled ‘The Cure’ that might well please her fans who were calling for a more poppy sound.

‘The Cure’ is actually miles away from the sound of the Joanne album and marks Gaga’s return to pure pop music with electronic elements. This time around though, Gaga is not the trendsetter, but follows one that has already proved to be very successful by the likes of Justin Bieber and MØ. There ain’t nothing wrong with chasing some trends though if you do it right! The tropical house touches in the production are subtle and not too overwhelming with vocal effects and synth layers while the composition is incredibly catchy. The chorus soars and vocally she sounds fantastic. Her tone is warmer than ever and she sounds seductive and caring at the same time. Lyrically ‘The Cure’ is a pure love song. It sure won’t go down in history as one of her most memorable and game changing releases, but it is a beautiful tune released at the right time.

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