Single Review: Katy Perry – Bon Appétit (feat. Migos)

katy perry bon appetit

Katy Perry launches second single of upcoming new album
Early February, Katy Perry started a new era in her career with the comeback single ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ featuring Skip Marley. So far, the campaign has been unfolding very slowly and we still don’t have an album title or release date. What we do have is a new single, titled ‘Bon Appétit’, featuring raps by hiphop formation Migos. After ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ performed decently in the charts, but could not match the success of her previous lead singles, Katy Perry could use a world wide smash hit at this point.

I’m not totally convinced ‘Bon Appétit’ is going to do the trick, although it has potential. First of all, the good news is that Katy does not follow the worn-out tropical house tradition. Also, the track’s production is outstanding with a careful build up after which it fully goes off from the second chorus on. Unfortunately, the melody and Perry’s vocal delivery do not follow suit. There is no melodic progression in the chorus, which makes it quite flat and repetitive. Perry’s voice is subdued here which works for the verses, but from the moment the production explodes, she could have done with a bit more vocal power. Lyrically, the track is basically a big compilation of sexual word play with food, which is fun to begin with, but gets old a bit too quickly.

Having said that, the track may have a bit more hit potential than its predecessor as it certainly has the sugar sweet fun Katy Perry vibe going on, that made her into a massive pop star during her Teenage Dream era. The release is perfectly timed just before summer as well. Now we have to wait for any news around the upcoming album again…

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