Single Review: Paramore – Told You So

paramore told you so

Paramore treats fans to new single ‘Told You So’
Fans of Paramore had to wait over four years for the band to return, but now that they are back, new music keeps coming! About two weeks ago they launched their refreshing comeback single ‘Hard Times’ and today they already launched the follow up ‘Told You So’, even with a music video! To make things even more exciting, on the 12th of May, which is next week, they will drop their next album, titled After Laughter.

On ‘Hard Times’ we already heard how Paramore did let go of their punk-pop past and embraced a more electronic, synth infused sound with some obvious hints to the 80s. It seems that this will be the dominant sound on their upcoming record, as ‘Told You So’ follows the same trend. “I hate to say I told you so, but they love to say they told me so”, Hayley Williams sings in the short chorus. Melodically ‘Hard Times’ was a bit more instant and therefore the better choice as first single, but this record is shaping up to be a thoroughly enjoyable, uplifting record. Also, the band members are totally rocking the more colourful outfits in the videos!

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