Eurovision 2017 Review: Albania – Lindita – World

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Albania counts on Lindita’s powerhouse vocals with ballad ‘World’
This year it is the 14th time Albania will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. Out of these 14 attempts, they sent a female solo singer no less than 11 times! It is the fourth year in a row that the Albanian people chose a ballad performed by a woman (so far only one Elhaida Dani made it to the final back in 2015) as Lindita will take the stage with her song ‘World’. Will her powerhouse vocals prove to be enough to get Albania back in the final?

Albania usually is (one of) the first countries to select their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, as their national final already takes place in December. Therefore it is quite unlucky that so many other countries decided to send ballads as well. Unfortunately ‘World’ does not seem to be one of the most instant or impressive of them all. Lindita has got a powerful voice which she puts to good use (one could argue the last chorus is a bit over the top vocally) and she does have star quality on stage, but I am not convinced Europe will warm to this dark and dramatic song about the state of the world. The lyrics are a bit too familiar and predictable while the soaring chorus does not really stick after first listen. I am sure some juries will appreciate her vocal power, but I highly doubt that will be enough for Albania to grab a spot in Saturday’s final.

UPDATE: Review on semi final performance:
Lindita sang the third ballad in a row and definitely not the most instant one. Just like Georgia, Albania sent a dramatic track about the state of the world we live in and again, a whole lot of vocal power and some well chosen visuals in the background could not mask the fact that the song itself is not all that impressive. After hearing this once it is incredibly hard to even remember the melody line and it therefore is not surprising that we won’t see Albania on stage on Saturday again.

UPDATE: semi final results:
Albania reached the 14th place with the juries and ended up 12th with televoting, finishing in a 14th spot overall in the first semi final

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