Eurovision 2017 Review: Lithuania – Fusedmarc – Rain of Revolution

Fusedmarc Lithuania

Lithuania sends band Fusedmarc with ‘Rain of Revolution’
Lithuania reached the top 10 of the Eurovision final last year for the second time in the history of the country in the contest. Donny Montell reached a respectable 9th position with his track ‘I’ve Been Waiting For This Night’ with his second participation. The Lithuanian broadcaster organized a long contest to find his successor which was surprisingly won by the band Fusedmarc and their track ‘Rain of Revolution’.

Interestingly enough, Fusedmarc did not seem to be one of the favourites from the start of the national competition, but in the final they did win both the televoting and the juries votes. It might have helped the band that the Lithuanian public heard their song ‘Rain of Revolution’ at least a couple of times as it is not easy to see the appeal on first listen. The track’s build up and production is a bit messy with a long first verse. In the chorus, lead singer Victorija shows off the strength of her vocals, but it is not always pleasant to listen to. In terms of genre we hear some elements of soul, electro and pop, but the end result just doesn’t flow as well on first listen and needs more time to settle in. On the Eurovision stage, there is no time for this and therefore I find it hard to picture anyone other than Lithuania’s diaspora around Europe to pick up the phone and vote for this entry. That shouldn’t be even nearly enough to secure a spot in the final. I would say the grand final could easily do without this ‘Rain of Revolution’.

UPDATE – Review on semi final performance:
Lead singer Viktorija does have a strong voice and does her best to own the stage, but the band’s mix of soul, pop and electro just doesn’t come across well on screen. I think not a lot of people were surprised by the fact that Lithuania did not qualify for the final this year.

UPDATE: Semi final result:
As expected, Lithuania did not come close to qualifying with a 17th spot in the second semi final. Juries placed them 16th, while televoters voted them 15th.

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