Single Review: Iggy Azalea – Switch (feat. Anitta)

iggy azalea switch

Iggy Azalea collaborates with Brazilian pop star Anitta on new single
Australian pop star Iggy Azalea burst onto the scene back in 2014 when her singles ‘Fancy’ and ‘Black Widow’ became huge international hits, but eversince she has been struggling to even come close to her former levels of success. The rapper announced her sophomore album Digital Distortion ages ago, but as the singles fail to make much of an impact, the release keeps being pushed back. Azalea dropped the feisty single ‘Team’ last year and followed this up with the rather unfortunate ‘Mo Bounce’ in March. Now she gets some help from Brazilian pop star Anitta on the brand new track ‘Switch’.

The good news here is that ‘Switch’ is nowhere near as annoying as ‘Mo Bounce’, but at the same time it doesn’t come close to her former successes either. The track starts off nicely with an infectious bass loop, but throughout the song, nothing really happens with it. I was waiting for an explosion in the chorus and I still am, but the song already finished. Anitta’s pre-chorus flows nicely enough, but is nowhere near as catchy as the hooks of Iggy’s previous material. Furthermore, lyrically ‘Switch’ is predictable and repetitive, including the inevitable rhyming of the title with the word ‘B*tch’. If Iggy keeps putting out singles like this, I can’t see ‘Digital Distortion’ seeing the light of day anytime soon.

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