Single Review: Rita Ora – Your Song

rita ora your song

Rita Ora returns to pop with new single ‘Your Song’
Rita Ora is finally back! The British pop star started promotion for her sophomore album back in 2014, but due to a lot of drama between her and the Roc Nation label, the record never saw the light of day. After the number 1 hit single ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ she dropped ‘Poison’, ‘Body On Me’ with Chris Brown and Sigma collaboration ‘Coming Home’ in 2015, but that was the last we heard from her music wise. Luckily Rita is one of those pop stars who knows how to keep her profile high even without releasing new music, appearing in the right spots, like her gig as judge on the X Factor. Now she is back with her new single ‘Your Song’, co-written by Ed Sheeran.

If Liam Payne’s solo debut single ‘Strip That Down’ proved anything, it is that an Ed Sheeran co-write does not always guarantee a good song as a result. The good news is that ‘Your Song’ is less cringey and more contemporary than the Liam single. This is not saying we are treated to a pop masterpiece though. ‘Your Song’ is well produced and Ora’s vocals are on point, but the track is just faceless. The problem with Ora as a pop star is that all of her singles could easily have been released by any other generic pop star. ‘Your Song’ is as generic as they come and the melodies don’t really stick. I am surprised this song is doing quite well on iTunes so far, but it at least shows that the public is still here for Rita Ora the pop star!

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