Single Review: Rae Morris – Reborn

rae morris reborn

Rae Morris is ‘Reborn’ with new sound on comeback single
It has been a good while since we heard anything from Rae Morris. The British pop singer-songwriter dropped her debut album Unguarded at the beginning of 2015, landing in the top 10 of the charts in her home country. After the release of singles like ‘Under The Shadows’ and ‘Love Again’ things became quiet around her, but today she came back swinging. Her brand new single, first taken from her upcoming second album, is appropiately titled ‘Reborn’!

On social media, Rae Morris announced that ‘Reborn’ is ‘all about new beginnings’ and it sure sounds like a fresh start for her. Rae’s debut album was a careful mix of traditional singer-songwriter pop with some light electronic influences, but on ‘Reborn’ she dives deeper in the world of synths and beats. It is a brave next step in her still young career and the result is a thrilling and intriguing new sound. The song sure takes a few listens to fully sink in, but at the third spin I could not help but to sing along with the ‘find another name for me’ parts! This definitely gets catchier with every play. Her vocals still sound as gorgeous as before and work surprisingly well with the more electronic arrangement. The video was filmed at Lake Qaraoun in Lebanon and the mysterious visuals match perfectly with the vibe of the song. Welcome back Rae!

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