Single Review: The Veronicas – The Only High

the veronicas the only high

The Veronicas debut new single ‘The Only High
The Veronicas have been in the music business for 12 years now, but there are no signs of them slowing down! Last year they came back swinging with the single ‘In My Blood‘ which reached number 1 in their home country Australia. Follow up single ‘On Your Side’ was promoted with a moving music video directed by Ruby Rose. After this release, things got rather quiet, but the twins are back to start the promotion for their upcoming fourth studio album with the brand new single ‘The Only High’.

Lisa and Jessica slow things down a bit for this new release. The two previous singles were high paced electronic pop tunes, while ‘The Only High’ is a proper ballad. The last time they released one of those as a single, ‘You Ruin Me’ back in 2014, they went straight to number 1 as well! I am not sure ‘The Only High’ has the potential to reach this high as well, but it certainly is a beautiful love song with touching lyrics and a faultless vocal performance by the sisters. The track is driven by piano strings and some synths and convincingly builds up to a big final in which The Veronicas sing their hearts out. ‘The Only High’ might not be their most memorable release, but it should be enough to get a decent sized at least in their home country.

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