Video Review: Sia – Free Me

sia free me

Sia raises awareness for HIV with new single ‘Free Me’
Sia must be one of the most productive pop stars this planet has ever had. Ever since she became a major pop force back in 2014 with her single ‘Chandelier’, she has been all over the show. She released two albums, a re-release, some collaborations and an endless string of soundtracks. Only two weeks after Wonder Woman track ‘To Be Human’, she already has a new single and video out! With ‘Free Me’ she hopes to raise awareness for the struggle people who suffer from HIV and AIDS are going through.

Sia went all in to create a striking video for the powerful ballad. She did get Julianne Moore to narrate the shortfilm while Zoe Saldana plays the main part and even shows us some contemporary dance moves. We follow the moment the pregnant characted played by Zoe finds out she has HIV and the emotional rollercoaster that follows is beautifully depicted with the help of quite a lot of close ups and some touching dance scenes. We have seen before that Sia and her team have a great eye for using dance to portray complex emotions when she dedicated the visuals for single ‘The Greatest’ to the victims of the shooting in a gay night club in Orlando.

But what about the song itself? ‘Free Me’ is not radically different from the sound Sia has made her own in the past few years, although it is more stripped back and piano based. As always, the production is centered around her beautiful voice and in combination with the video, this song definitely strikes a chord. Sia is pushing it with the amount of songs she keeps putting out, risking overkill, but there will always be room for a meaningful release like this.

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