Single Review: Adam Lambert – Two Fux

adam lambert two fux

Adam Lambert is unapologetic on new single ‘Two Fux’
Adam Lambert is a busy man! Apart from judging on the X Factor Australia and touring with Queen, he is also still writing and recording his own solo music. After his third album The Original High dropped two years ago, he treated us to the single ‘Welcome To The Show’ featuring Swedish singer-songwriter Laleh last year. Now he is back with another brand new single, possibly coming from an upcoming fourth record. If anything, the track ‘Two Fux’ shows Lambert’s attitude is still as fierce as always!

Adam Lambert has never been one to tone down any part of his personality. When he dropped his debut album For Your Entertainment back in 2009, he was bold, outspoken and loud and none of that changed. On ‘Two Fux’ he once again lets everyone know that he does not give two f*cks what anyone thinks about the way he lives his life. It is lyrically sassy, vocally on point, the hook is memorable and even the production works. Still I feel like I am still waiting for something to happen after the song already finished. It is not a bad track in any way, but at the same time a bit too forgettable for a song with such a message. So far Adam only had proper international smash hits with ‘Whataya Want From Me’ (2009) and ‘Ghost Town’ (2015) and I don’t think ‘Two Fux’ will change that. It is a decent single, but I can’t help but think Adam could do better as he still is one of the best vocalists of his generation.

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