Single Review: Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry

demi lovato sorry not sorry

Demi Lovato back with new single ‘Sorry Not Sorry’
A year after the release of the one off single ‘Body Say’, Demi Lovato returns with some brand new solo material. After having hits with collaborations ‘No Promises’ with Cheat Codes and Jax Jones track ‘Instruction’, Demi is ready to do it all alone again. The brand new single is titled ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ and was officially released on the 11th of July. Will this mark her return to solo success?

If I had heard this track for the first time not knowing who was performing it, I am pretty sure I would have guessed it was the new Jessie J single. ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ sounds like the type of song she would throw at us circa 2014 and that actually says it all. There is a fine line between powerful vocals and screaming and Demi Lovato finds herself on the wrong side of things with this release. A bit of a let down after she sounded so sensual and understated for most of the seductive ‘Body Say’. The lyrics on ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ are supposed to be ballsy, but I can’t help but cringe ever so slightly when she sings ‘now payback is a bad bitch, and baby, I’m the baddest, you fuckin’ with a savage’. Demi does her absolute best to scream the hook into our brains, but nothing in this song song really sticks enough to make me want to listen again. ‘Cool For The Summer’, ‘Body Say’ and even ‘Heart Attack’ are proof that Demi Lovato can be a worthy pop star, but ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ unfortunately isn’t one of those moments.


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