Single Review: Selena Gomez – Fetish (feat. Gucci Mane)

selena gomez fetish

Selena Gomez talks ‘Fetish’ on new single with Gucci Mane
Selena Gomez returned to the pop scene after a break of a year with her Kygo collaboration ‘It Ain’t Me’ which became an international hit. In May she launched the unusual and intriguing lead of her next solo album, ‘Bad Liar’, which did not match the success of her previous singles like ‘Good For You’ and ‘Hands To Myself’. Now she will get a second chance with her latest release ‘Fetish’ featuring Gucci Mane, which takes a more predictable route.

The good news is that ‘Fetish’ is not a bad track. The hook is there, the hip hop inspired production is fine and vocally Selena sounds seductive enough to pull off the lyrics. However, it is all strangely unexciting for a track called ‘Fetish’. Lyrically, the ‘you got a fetish for my love’ line is a bit disappointing and nothing in the way it is produced or written quite matches the expectations created by the unusual title. It’s all smooth and sexy, but not nearly as daring or refreshing as it could have been. This does have a bit more potential to become a hit than its predecessor though so not all hope is lost for Selena.

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