Single Review: Loreen – Body

Loreen Body

Loreen starts new project with latest single ‘Body’
2017 has not been an easy year so far for Loreen. The Swedish pop star who won the Eurovision Song Contest with the Europe wide hit ‘Euphoria’ back in 2012 decided to return to Melodifestivalen (the Swedish preselection for the European song competition) after five years, but failed to make it to the final with her bold entry ‘Statements’. She took a few months to prepare the next step in her career and now she is back with a brand new single titled ‘Body’, taken from the upcoming project Nude, to be released on the 25th of August.

For fans who were hoping Loreen would return to a more accessible dance pop sound, ‘Body’ is probably not the dream comeback, but for everyone who appreciates her more experimental side, it sure is! The track is based on a thick beat which might not be radiofriendly per se, but the dreamy vocal melody lines and the catchy synths in the chorus do make you want to press the repeat button over and over again. The only thing that seriously needs work, and this has been said before, is her diction. On first listen one has no idea what Loreen is actually singing about. Luckily, on a track like ‘Body’ that stands out more because of its production, this is not a huge problem, but hopefully the other tracks on Nude serve some more lyrical power as well. Loreen’s ear for strong melodies is still impeccable though so consider me excited for the 25th of August!

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