Single Review: Camila Cabello – Havana / OMG

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Camila Cabello launches two singles at once
After a whole lot of drama with her former band mates, Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello decided to go solo last year. After collaborations with Shawn Mendes and Machine Gun Kelly she released her solo debut ‘Crying In The Club’, co-written by Sia, earlier this year, followed by the ballad ‘I Have Questions’ as a promo single. Cabello and her team gave ‘Crying In The Club’ some time to make an impact on the worldwide charts which resulted in a spot in the top 50 in the US and a 12th position in the UK. As the September release date of her debut album is coming closer, she is now moving on with the release of the double summer promo release ‘OMG’ and ‘Havana’.

On her new tracks Camila gets some help from contemporary rappers. ‘Havana’ features Young Thug while Quavo (who is basically on every pop star release these days) raps on ‘OMG’. ‘OMG’, co-written by Charli XCX and produced by Stargate, explores Camila’s more urban side, but not in the most original way. The lyrics are quite predictable while the production isn’t anything too special either. The hook leaves your head easily so the chances of this doing better charts wise than ‘Crying In The Club’ are slim, but with ‘Havana’ Cabello does have a potential late summer hit. The rhythm is catchy, the vibe seductive and this type of track works wonders for her type of voice. The light summery production by Frank Dukes is flawless and although the rap by Young Thug does not do the flow justice, it is not as uneventful as Quavo’s work on ‘OMG’. As a fun little something to keep her fans content during summer, this double release works and ‘Havana’ is enough to keep us interested in the upcoming album.

Update: As I correctly predicted (for once in my life!), ‘Havana’ is turning into that late summer hit it so deserves to be! It is already top 5 in the UK charts and still rising in the Billboard Hot 100 as well. A Bit of Pop Music is not the only big fan, as even Justin Bieber shared the track with his over 90 million Instagram followers. Might have something to do with that outstanding performance she did at Jimmy Fallon!

Update 2: We had to wait a while for the official video, but the result is as extra as a soap opera. Needless to say it was worth the wait!


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