Single Review: Miley Cyrus – Younger Now

miley cyrus younger now

Miley Cyrus sings about change on new single ‘Younger Now’
If there is anyone out there in the pop world that knows a lot about change, it is Miley Cyrus and that is exactly what her new single is all about. The singer who made headlines all through the promotion of her 2013 album Bangerz, moved from hiphop beats to a more country inspired sound on her latest single ‘Malibu’ and not without success! After the long chart run of the summery track, Miley is now ready to follow it up with the brand new track ‘Younger Now’, taken from the album with the same name which is out on the 29th of September!

It is looking like Younger Now will be the album where Miley returns to her country roots, just like Lady Gaga did on Joanne and more recently Kesha with her much discussed Rainbow album. In comparison to the breezy ‘Malibu’, ‘Younger Now’ might need a few more spins to settle in your brain, but once it does, it is hard to get it out. The melody turns out to be incredibly catchy and it is almost impossible not to get a smile on your face watching her perform the infectious choreography to it in the last scenes of the video, in which she also pays tribute to Elvis Presley. Lyrically Miley talks about how she changed through the years, but is not ashamed of her past. “Even though it’s not who I am, I’m not afraid of who I used to be”, she confidently proclaims and that ladies and gentlemen, is a pretty damn good pop lyric. Watch this space as Miley’s album comes out in little over a month!

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