Single Review: Demi Lovato – Tell Me You Love Me

demi lovato tell me you love me

Demi Lovato needs somebody on her new single ‘Tell Me You Love Me’
Oh Demi Lovato… It can be quite frustrating to follow her career, because when you see what she can do when she is at her best (‘Cool For The Summer’, ‘Body Say’, ‘Skyscraper’), it is hard not to be disappointed when she releases stuff like the latest single ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ (this Jessie J sound hasn’t been in fashion for about five years), ‘Stone Cold’ (we know you can sing love, but this is not pleasant anymore) and ‘Confident’ (maybe Britney in 2001 would have gotten away with that). Still we have about 50% chance, she gets it right with every new release, right? On the 29th of September Demi will drop her brand new album Tell Me You Love Me and the title track is out now.

Unfortunately this is again not one of the tracks on which Lovato gets it right. Well, not completely at least. ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ seems a little bit confused on what it wants to be. The intro suggests we get an uptempo pop track, but then the chorus kicks in and we get a soulful ballad complete with handclaps in the production. By the time you are thinking to yourself that this actually sounds rather pleasant, a beat kicks in and Demi starts to yell that ‘you ain’t nobody, till you got somebody’. Apart from the oversinging (which completely takes away the power of the last chorus as well), those lyrics are portraying a bit too much dependency coming from the girl with the ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ mentality on her last release. Consistency Demi! Hopefully the full album will remind us why Demi once seemed like an exciting pop star!


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