Single Review: Sharon Doorson & Rochelle – Come To Me (feat. Rollàn)

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Sharon Doorson and Rochelle join forces on ‘Come To Me’
Dutch pop stars Sharon Doorson and Rochelle both had their humble beginnings in televised talent shows (Popstars, X Factor and The Voice), but have come a long way ever since. Sharon Doorson found success with dance hits like ‘Fail In Love’ and ‘High On Your Love’ and then moved into slightly more R&B territory while Rochelle had a massive hit with Yellow Claw collaboration ‘Shotgun’ and solo success with singles like ‘Way Up’ and ‘All Night Long’ which mix elements of pop, R&B, hiphop and dancehall. Now they joined forces on their new single ‘Come To Me’, which features a rap by Dutch-Congolese talent Rollàn.

‘Come To Me’ is exactly what you would expect a Sharon Doorson and Rochelle collaboration to sound like. It is high paced, energetic, upbeat with a contemporary production and an infectious chorus. It is safe to say that this is not the most unique song you will hear all week, but in this case it does no matter that much. If you are chasing trends, you have to do it well and that is exactly what the girls did. It is well produced, their voices are fire together and the French rap by Rollàn is a nice touch to give the track a bit more personality. Let’s hope Dutch radio will get behind this, because ‘Come To Me’ is a hit worthy track!

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