Single Review: Jessie Ware – Selfish Love

jessie ware selfish love

Jessie Ware keeps temperatures rising on new single ‘Selfish Love’
We had to wait a few years for Jessie Ware’s comeback, but now that she is around again, there ain’t no stopping her. After she brought us the soundtrack to sensual and sweaty summer nights that is ‘Midnight’, she is ignoring the fact that European summer is coming to an end. And of course we love her for that. While we eagerly await her upcoming third album  (more news next week, according to her news letter) she raises the temperatures even higher on the official second single ‘Selfish Love’, of which the music video just dropped!

‘Selfish Love’ was co-written by Ware, Ryan Tedder, Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco and Happy Perez amongst others, while Blanco, Perez and Cashmere Cat signed for the production. ‘Selfish Love’ is a typical Jessie Ware track while at the same time being something she has never done before. The subtle guitar riff that powers through the whole song is melted together with an addictive Bossa Nova infused rhythm that sure brings the summer through your speakers. It swings, but in the most laidback way possible. Lyrically, ‘Selfish Love’ is about a toxic relationship in which both parties are trying to gain the upper hand and call the shots, using their partner to get what they want. “I only give love when I want to make it”, Jessie sensually sings in one of the lyrical highlights of the track.

And then there’s that video! It is safe to say that Jessie Ware provides the best visuals of her career so far. The ‘Selfish Love’ video was recorded in Mallorca and directed by Tom Beard and serves as a prequel to what happens in the ‘Midnight’ video. The result is like a slow burning crime movie. We see a rich upper class couple on holiday in a big mansion, but it does not seem like they are really enjoying their time together. The gentleman seems to be getting phone calls from a mistress while Jessie is being all passive aggressive about it. In the end miss Ware drops the ‘passive’ part and decides she just is not going to take it any longer! The moody visuals are tailormade for the tension in the lyrics. This third album of hers is shaping up to be outstanding!

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