Single Review: Paloma Faith – Crybaby

Paloma Faith Crybaby

Paloma Faith encourages you to cry on new single ‘Crybaby’
We had to wait three years for it, but Paloma Faith is back! After the success of her third album A Perfect Contradiction she re-released the record at the end of 2014 as The Outsiders Edition, including her number 1 hit ‘Changing’ with Sigma. After that, Faith started working on the fourth album, while also coaching aspiring singers on The Voice UK. The project got delayed slightly as she gave birth to a daughter at the end of last year. After some quality time with her family, Paloma is ready for the next era in her career. Her fourth album is titled The Architect and will be released later this year. First single ‘Crybaby’ is out now!

‘Crybaby’ is not a huge departure from the sound that we are used to from Paloma, but it sure is deliciously catchy! Faith co-wrote the tune with Lindy Robbins, Cleo Tighe and Starsmith, who also produced it. ‘Crybaby’ is an uplifting track with a funky rhythm and some hints of disco in the production. The chorus sounds breezy and Paloma’s vocals are more subdued than on most of her material, which totally works for the vibe on ‘Crybaby’. In the lyrics she encourages everyone, men specifically, to show their vulnerability and just cry when they need to, while criticizing sentences like ‘man up’. Thanks Paloma, about time someone said it! About the message of the track she explained: “The lyrics are a conversation between a man and I, and the song questions whether global conflicts would cease to exist if men successfully dealt with their feelings.” In an early stage interview on the upcoming record, Faith explained that she is happy in her relationship, so she does not want to just write about love and heartache anymore, but talk about what is going on in the world around her. Mission accomplished on the first track!

Update: In the music video, filmed in Ukraine and directed by Thomas James, Paloma finds herself in a dystopian society where children are drilled to not show any emotion. When they do, they get chased by the other kids in a Hunger Games like setting. Paloma bonds with one of the kids and tries to help out, but will she succeed? The ‘to be continued’ at the end of the video tells us we will find out when the next single drops!

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