Single Review: Hurts – Ready To Go

hurts ready to go

Hurts drops upbeat new single ‘Ready To Go’
British synth pop duo Hurts is releasing their fourth album Desire on the 29th of September so it is about time for another single. Earlier this year the band consisting of Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson returned to the spotlight with their single ‘Beautiful Ones’, paired with an intense video about violence against the LGBT community. Over the weekend they launched the follow up, ‘Ready To Go’.

With their third album Surrender, Hurts slowly but steadily moved towards a more radiofriendly and upbeat synth pop sound and they seem to stick to that with their latest releases. ‘Beautiful Ones’ was arguably their most catchy and contemporary single and ‘Ready To Go’ follows this pattern. It is catchy, upbeat and the chorus is as simple as could be with a high paced repetition of the lyric “when I die, yeah you know, I’ll be ready to go”. It might not be their most advanced piece of songwriting, but the song somehow still manages to captivate on every listen. Visually, Hurts is always classy, stylish and most of all dark. Theo dances his ass off in the visuals for ‘Ready To Go’, but in an ominous manner. During the climax he collapses on the floor. Their videos never disappoint and in terms of sound, another experiment worked. Check back at the end of the month to read our take on the album Desire.

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