Single Review: Nick Jonas – Find You

nick jonas find you

Nick Jonas releases ‘Find You’ as next single
If there is one thing you cannot say about Nick Jonas, it is that he is a lazy pop star. The singer and songwriter dropped his album Last Year Was Complicated just over a year ago and he already returned this year with his next era. In May he dropped the upbeat pop track ‘Remember I Told You’ featuring Anne-Marie and Mike Posner. Now Nick Jonas is back completely on his own with his latest single ‘Find You’.

If you want to explain to other people what ‘Find You’ sounds like, ‘a more chilled down version of Lady Gaga’s ‘Perfect Illusion” might be the closest you get. Sure, it is a bop, but definitely of the more subdued and subtle kind. Jonas explained that he got inspired to record this track about his journey to find love after dancing the night way during Coachella. In the studio with Simon Wilcox and Jack and Coke they came up with the infectious guitar riff that hypnotically runs through the track. Vocally, Nick keeps things subdued as well, which gives the track a breezy vibe. The production is perfect as it is, but I have a feeling some interesting remixes of ‘Find You’ will drop soon too!

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