Single Review: Tove Styrke – Mistakes

tove styrke mistakes

Tove Styrke wants to make ‘Mistakes’ on new single
Two years after the release of her all kinds of brilliant sophomore album Kiddo, Tove Styrke returned with the next era in her exciting career earlier this year, when she dropped the single ‘Say My Name’. There has not been an announcement on a third album yet, but Tove does have new music waiting for us. Today she dropped the brand new single ‘Mistakes’. I will warn you right here and now: this one is addictive!

Although ‘Say My Name’ was not a huge departure from the electronic pop sound of Kiddo, it did sound a bit more laidback and radiofriendly. ‘Mistakes’ follows that same direction, however the hook this time around is even better! Tove’s delivery of the lyrics in the verses is the perfect combination of flirty, sassy and just a little bit of played innocence. When the chorus kicks in we hear Styrke admit that the ‘you’ in the song makes her want to make mistakes and it is just so damn catchy that I think it will be stuck in my head for a lifetime. Once the beat joins in, you cannot help but sing along and that is probably what you will do the rest of your day. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! But by all means sing this song to everyone you know (or play the original if you want to play it safe) as ‘Mistakes’ is such a well written pop tune that deserves to be heard everywhere!

Update: Tove Styrke is dressed up as a bride in proper pop star video for ‘Mistakes’.

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