Single Review: Loreen – ’71 Charger

Loreen 71 charger cover


Loreen starts over with fresh new direction
While Loreen’s fans have had to deal with quite a few delays in her releases of the past years, this time the Swedish pop artist is certainly not playing around. After the disappointing result of her still stunning Melodifestivalen (the Swedish Eurovision preselection) entry ‘Statements’, she did not waste time and dropped the Nude EP this summer after leaving Warner Music and signing with BMG. The announcement of a full album followed soon after. First single ”71 Charger’ just dropped and what does it teach us except for Loreen’s apparent love for cars? It is a fresh start, a new direction. It sounds completely different than anything we have heard before from the Eurovision winner and ‘Euphoria’ hitmaker.

While Loreen had her breakthrough with a catchy hybrid of pop and dance, she slowly but steadily moved towards a more alternative, electronic pop sound over the past few years, but now she seems to go back to basics. Gone are the prominent synths and beats, as they make place for a more organic sound. The two main ingredients that made Loreen’s music stand out, the use of her voice as an instrument and her impeccable ear for great melodies, are luckily still there. ”71 Charger’ is a captivating piece of pop with a vivacious chorus and some seriously straightforward lyrics: “Bite your tongue, keep it to yourself. I’d rather kill myself with a ’71 charger.” This change of sound is a bold move from Loreen and I sincerely hope it pays off for her. Her melodies never fail us and neither does her voice. That is all one should want from their pop stars!

Update: Loreen dropped the video full of stunning imagery and announced the title of her upcoming new album, Ride.

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