Single Review: Birgit Schuurman – Fuel My Fire

Birgit Schuurman releases new music after lengthy break
Birgit Schuurman is back! It has been a long, long while since she last released some proper pop music, but all is forgiven now that she dropped the brand new track ‘Fuel My Fire’. It is the first single taken from her upcoming album that is supposed to come out next year. The Dutch singer, songwriter and actress had a few hits in her home country in the early noughties with singles like ‘I Know’, ‘Few Like You’, ‘Everybody Wants To Be’ and ‘Hardrocking Diva’. After that she mainly focused on acting and theatre, but never stopped singing. Now she rediscovered her passion for songwriting as well.

In an interview with Dutch TV host Jeroen Pauw she explained that at one point she wasn’t writing music for herself anymore, but was only thinking about what would bring her the most success. She did no longer make the music she wanted to and took a break. Recently, while working on a theatre production, she wrote some songs again and this felt so good she decided to continue writing for an album. She now has 25 tunes to choose from for her next record and the first proof, ‘Fuel My Fire’, sounds rather promising!

Where Birgit’s style before her break could be described as pop rock, she now moved into a slightly more electronic direction, which Birgit herself describes as ‘bittersweet pop’. The production sounds current and her vocals shine both in the more subdued verses and the belting chorus. Lyrically ‘Fuel My Fire’ isĀ all about the desire to feel that fire of passion within you burn again, it’s a song about her ‘lust for life’. Birgit and her team recorded a video that perfectly translates that message to a beautiful visual. Birgit Schuurman is back and she still is a proper pop star!

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