Song of the Day: Sumera – Faith

Sumera Faith cover

Sumera returns with slow burning electro pop anthem ‘Faith’
Sumera has been casually dropping consistently exciting electronic pop tracks over the past few years. After a two year break from releasing, she came back swinging with the single ‘Animal’ earlier this year. It was her first release with Don Diablo’s Hexagon label, which is part of Spinnin Records. Today she launches the follow up, titled ‘Faith’, which is the second part of a three piece.

‘Faith’ is a perfect progression of the sound of previous singles like ‘Wolf’, ‘I See You’ and ‘Animal’. It is electronic pop at its finest: moody and dark but with crystal clear vocals. The game changing sound of BANKS springs to mind, but Sumera’s vocals and songwriting talent are unique enough to set her apart from her peers. If you listen to her singles one after another, it becomes apparent that Sumera takes things further production wise with every release, She is experimenting with deep beats, sharp synths and dark soundscapes, ominous almost. This is all complemented by the lyrics, which ‘revolve around confronting the strength and fragility of desire, as well as the physical memory of someone’s presence’. “You take me under… pulling me under, make me lose my faith”, she sings with a convincing angst in her voice. I feel like I’m starting to repeat myself, but another stunning release by Sumera!

Update: Sumera launched the intimate video for her latest single. On her social media she wrote: “‘Faith’ […] is much more about finding strength in making your vulnerability visible and not having to mimic a masculinized concept of vulnerability vs strength. I am bare, I am hurt and I am powerful.”

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