Single Review: Robin Bengtsson – Dark Angel

robin bengtsson dark angel

Robin Bengtsson launches first post-Eurovision single
Like almost every single year, Sweden had a successful run at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017, this time thanks to Robin Bengtsson. The Swedish pop star won Melodifestivalen and went on to represent his country at the biggest international music competition worldwide with his catchy pop tune ‘I Can’t Go On’. He performed in a suit with some seriously slick moves while exercising on a treadmill. After easily sailing through to the finals he finished in a respectable fifth place there. This week he launched ‘Dark Angel’, his very first post-Eurovision single release!

‘Dark Angel’ was written by Andreas Carlsson, Jimmy Jansson and Anders Öberg and leads Bengtsson towards a more synth heavy sound. Where ‘I Can’t Go On’ served Justin Timberlake vibes, ‘Dark Angel’ takes us straight back to the synth pop of the eighties, a style recently revisited by artists like Brandon Flowers and Olly Murs. Although the inspiration for the track might be over 30 years old, it still sounds contemporary. Bengtsson’s vocals are smoother than ever and he delivers the sensual lyrics with class. The hooks are there, the production is on point, but then again, what else would we expect from the Swedes!?

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