Single Review: Kelly Clarkson – Meaning Of Life


Kelly Clarkson sings her heart out on title track upcoming album
We are only one week away from the release of Kelly Clarkson’s long awaited album Meaning Of Life. Last month the original American Idol returned to the pop scene with a powerful double single, which marked a fresh start for her. She left Sony’s RCA Records, signed with Atlantic, and embarked in a more soulful direction. After the swinging ‘Love So Soft’, which seems to not have reached it peak in the charts yet and the lovely ballad ‘Move You’, Clarkson teases the release of her eigth album by dropping the title track, ‘Meaning of Life’, online.

‘Meaning of Life’ follows the soulful trend she started with the double single. Hearing her belt out tunes like this, you start to wonder why she is only moving into this direction now. That might have to do with her break from her former label of course, but it is good to hear that she finally is recording the music she wants to make again. This type of atmospheric ballad with a message of love suits her voice perfectly. She dares to show off the more rough edges of her vocals in the verses and serves unchallenged power in the choruses. During the middle-eight, a choir joins in to help reach that climax. The post-chorus where she repeats the title is a catchy little twist. As a promo single meant to get people excited for the album, this definitely does its job.

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