Single Review: Loreen – Hate The Way I Love You

Loreen Hate The Way I Love You


Loreen continues fresh path on new single ‘Hate The Way I Love You’
Loreen recently started all over. She left Warner Music, signed with BMG and dropped the electronic EP Nude. Only a month later, the first single of her upcoming album Ride, to be released in November, appeared. ‘’71 Charger’ marked a clear change of sound with a more organic approach. The song however still featured some seriously big melodies and Loreen’s trademark use of her voice like an instrument. The same could be said about follow up ‘Hate The Way I Love You’, which premiered on Swedish radio today and will be released on Friday the 27th.

‘Hate The Way I Love You’ starts out with some soft strings and Loreen’s emotive vocals until some prominent fast paced drums kick in, which drive the track towards a climax later on. The first few choruses are beautifully understated with the subtle presence of the strings, while Loreen sings the lyrics: “What if I told you I die a thousand times, everytime you leave me here”, only to conclude: “You’re the reason I’m a mess. I hate the way I love you, but I love you.” It is hard not to feel something when those exact words are being belted out on full force during the final chorus. Another brave single choice for sure, but it deserves to be heard!

Update: Loreen premiered the intense video that sees her mourn a lost love at home and there is a lot of running through the woods going on. Please fix the mono audio though, this song is way too good to just be heard by one ear!

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