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Paloma Faith’s new single ‘Guilty’ is open application for upcoming Bond soundtrack
British singer and songwriter Paloma Faith returned to pop earlier this year with her swinging and meaningful new single ‘Crybaby’. While this track is still gaining traction in different parts of the world, Faith is ready to move on. After a three year break from recording and giving birth to a daughter, she announced her fourth studio album The Architect, out on November 17th. Second single ‘Guilty’ is out now and if there would have been a new James Bond movie this year, this should have been the soundtrack!

Paloma Faith is known for her deep, soulful vocals and vivacious and dramatic songs and that is exactly what she delivers on this latest single. The instrumentation, full of strings, is what you would expect to hear on a classic Bond soundtrack and it suits her voice perfectly. The build up towards the chorus is faultless and that chorus itself is bombastic and larger than life, without sounding hollow or kitschy. This is the perfect follow up after the lighter and more understated ‘Crybaby’.

According to press releases, ‘Guilty’ was written from the perspective of a person who chose to ‘leave’ in the infamous Brexit vote. That gives lyrics like “I’ve been a criminal, I made a mistake, Believed in the fictional ,then let everything slip away” a completely new meaning!

The video follows up the story ‘Crybaby’ started. Faith tries to break free from the rules of the society she found herself in, but it seems like she trusted the wrong person. It is not clear yet if we can expect a part 3 to come with the next single.

4 thoughts on “Single Review: Paloma Faith – Guilty

  1. paloma is a very good singer, i just read a recent article about her making kids gender neutral, which is very useless idea. Good music by the way tho…

  2. I don’t know what is worse, that the song is so painfully boring or she is so painfully patronising. No wonder the song is such a massive flop – it’s not even in the charts so there is a flabby face full of fillers fat chance she will never get a Bond song!

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