Single Review: Selena Gomez & Marshmello – Wolves

selena gomez wolves

Selena Gomez takes step back with predictable EDM number
Selena Gomez has been steadily releasing new singles this year with varying success. Her collaboration ‘It Ain’t Me’ with Kygo became a huge hit, while the quirky solo single ‘Bad Liar’ was not exactly the sure fire hit her team might have hoped for. Follow up ‘Fetish’ was easier on the ear, but at the same time strangely unexciting and didn’t make too much of an impact either. Now she is back with ‘Wolves’, a predictable collaboration with producer Marshmello.

Selena’s work with Kygo could be considered as a typical producer and singer collaboration as well, but at least this song was at the top of its genre. Selena sounded emotive in the verses and that drop was still refreshing enough at the beginning of this year, when it was released. ‘Wolves’ however is not nearly as good. The build up with the hand claps is desperately overused and Selena’s vocals sound too shouty. The drop is quite the anti climax, causing the track to not go anywhere. I’m surprised her team would push this as a proper single. Long story short, Selena can do better, much better!

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