Single Review: Loïc Nottet – Doctor

Loic Nottet Doctor

Loïc Nottet celebrates Halloween on new single ‘Doctor’
Belgian pop star Loïc Nottet is back sooner than we expected. After launching his debut album Selfocracy in March this year, he returns with a brand new track. Nottet, who finished in fourth place at the Eurovision Song Contest of 2015 with the track ‘Rhythm Inside’, promoted the album with singles ‘Million Eyes’ and ‘Mud Blood’ and is now moving on. His new single is titled ‘Doctor’ and it arrives just in time for Halloween.

Of course it was no coincedence that ‘Doctor’ comes out with Halloween. Nottet went all out with a creepy single cover and video preview. The single itself is quite unusual in terms of build up and tempo changes. The intro reminds me of Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ and it is Nottet’s most hiphop influenced effort to date. His vocals are as emotive and intense as always which makes his delivery of the lyrics even creepier. He even does a rap in the middle-eight and shows off his most impressive horror laugh. This track is a lot to take in on first listen with bold production choices, in your face vocals and unusual lyrics. Can’t wait to see the video though!

UPDATE: Well, that video sure did not disappoint. Loïc goes all horror clown on our asses, terrorizing the neighbourhood. Nottet and his girl are like The Joker and Harley Quinn and they obviously had a lot of fun recording this. It makes the song sound a bit lighter at the same time!

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