Single Review: N.E.R.D feat. Rihanna – Lemon


N.E.R.D. teams up with Rihanna for big comeback
This is not a drill! N*E*R*D is really back! It has taken them over seven years, but there is new music by the formation consisting of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo en Shay Haley. Their most recent record, Nothing, was released back in 2010. Now of course Pharrell has been constantly present in pop culture ever since with huge successes like ‘Happy’ and Daft Punk collaboration ‘Get Lucky’, but to have N*E*R*D (No one Ever Really Dies) back together is quite the moment! To make their comeback track ‘Lemon’ even more memorable, they invited Rihanna to collaborate with them on it!

Rihanna just had one of the biggest hits of the summer with DJ Khaled collaboration ‘Wild Thoughts’, but she is obviously determined to take fall by storm as well. “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off”, N*E*R*D states at the start of the track, just before the beats invade your speakers. The tune is high paced, a little hyperactive almost, with an infectious hook. The ‘bouncing around, bouncing’ parts are catchy as hell. The group delivers a spot on production and firy raps… even Rihanna! The pop and R&B super star shows a different side with a proper rap verse and she sure has the attitude to pull it off. This will be huge, right!?

Now there is a few different versions flying around. There is one on Spotify that is 3:40 long and features Rihanna and YouTube has a 3:09 version with Rihanna (and a little video of her shaving another girl who dances in the rest of the video) and a 3:42 version without her. You can listen to all of them below.

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