Interview Tina Karol: “I want to show people that we live in a world without borders”

Tina Karol ABOPM

Singer, songwriter and fashion icon Tina Karol rose to fame back in 2006 when she represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest, reaching a respectable spot in the top 10. In the years that followed she became one of the biggest pop stars in her country, producing hit after hit. Now, more than ten years after her first international adventure, Karol has her eyes set on the English languaged market with the single ‘Blindfold’ and an album that will follow next year. Time to catch up with Tina about her plans!

Ever since Eurovision you have a huge career in Ukraine. What is the single thing you are most proud of?
“I feel like I have always worked hard to keep making music and to challenge myself creatively. That is what I am most proud of.”

What made you decide to want to conquer the English languaged market?
“I like to dream boldly, I want to destroy the iron curtain that we have lived behind all this time. I dream of becoming a pioneer, thereby hoping to show this generation that we live in a world without borders.”

Is it scary to start fresh in a different place while you are such an established act in your home country?
“Of course it is, but I feel it will update me and bring new energy and sensations. Even to some extent it will keep my feet on the ground, which is necessary for all who are riding a crest of popularity.”

What can we expect from your upcoming album? Will it feature mostly original songs or translated Ukrainian tracks? How would you describe the style?
“I’m so excited to release this record in the UK! It features both original songs and English versions of Ukrainian tracks. It really is a mix of genres and styles, you’ll have to wait to listen and find out…”

When can we expect the album to be released?
“We are currently putting the finishing touches on the album and we are hoping to have it with you in 2018 – watch this space!”

Who were you inspired by creating this record?
“My biggest inspiration is my little son. He is going to school in England and I would like him to be proud of his mother, not only in Ukraine but here in the UK too.”

You just launched new single ‘Blindfold’ in the UK. What does the track mean to you?
“It is a mix of traditional Slavic melodies and drama combined with trip-hop beats – which are not inherent in the Slavs. It is my desire to unite the cultures and countries. This track means a lot to me, I’m so proud to be able to bring it to the UK!”

What do you hope to achieve with your new English languaged music?
“I just want my son to be proud of what I do. Everything else comes and goes.”

I am sure you get this question a lot, but would you ever consider participating in Eurovision again?
“Maybe for the UK one day! (bursts out in laughter) Honestly, I don’t really think about it.”

Last but not least, what is your favourite Eurovision song since you participated and why?
“A lot of interesting and beautiful songs have been on Eurovision in the past few years. The idea of competition is important – it unites. About Portugal’s victory this year, I want to note that it was the first time in years that a track won based solely on its organic musical quality. I would love for it to be like this every year.”

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